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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Hey, Everyone! This week I decided to do the entire series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which started with The Lighting Thief (See last weeks post for more on that). This series takes on some of the most classic adventures of all time - Greek Mythology - and adds a modern twist that your average latin class can't compete with. Percy Jackson embarks on 5 electrifying adventures jam-packed with mystery, friendship, and non stop humor that will keep readers on edge. The whole series ends with a bang as (SPOILER ALERT!) Percy, the Olympian gods, and all of Camp Half-blood battle the Titans and their  leader Kronos, the Lord of time himself, in New York City.

This series is an awesome read, especially if your not much of a bookworm. And it's so funny my friends and I actually share the same inside jokes as the characters do! :) 
In fact, I love the books so much my best friend, sister, and I want to make our own movie adaption of The Lightning Thief. (Click here for more on that or here to watch our video).

Read on, you guys, and remember to post a comment if you have any reading suggestions or ideas for future blog posts!


  1. This is an amazing series and everyone will enjoy it! As said above, it will be appreciated by bookworms as well as nonreaders. Everyone should give it a chance, and once they do, they will be captivated by its amazing plot, characters, and just about everything else in each of the books.

  2. Love this series fell in love with The Last Olympian the ending and freaked out when they were in the Roman series.

    -Rhea <3

  3. PERCY JACKSON! That is all.
    -Peer (: