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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of π (Happy Pi Day!)

Happy Pi Day! Today (March 14th) is Pi day, because 3.14 is the modern-day number used for pi. For those of you who dont know what pi is, the Greek Symbol (π) Pi is the ratio of the circumfrence of a circle to its diameter, and is often used in math and science classes when dealing with circles. Pi day is celebrated internationally by mathematicians and fellow geeks world wide, so don't be afraid to show your enthusiasm! :)

I was first introduced to this book in elementary school in math lab on Pi Day of 2009, and my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Swanson, made sure to well introduce us to this sacred nerd holiday. We spent the whole day walking around the school in teams measuring the circumference, radius, and diameter of spherical or circular objects to see who could complete the pi day work sheet first. The prize - first dibs at whatever slice of pie we pleased! The PTSA moms were nice enough to bring us a variety of pies :).
Anyway, this educational children's book follows Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter, and their son, Radius. When Sir Cumference drinks a potion that turns him into a dragon, Radius goes on a quest to find the magic number that will restore him back to his former shape - Pi! This book is awesome! :)

Below is the π/pie I baked (it works both ways). :) Click here for the recipe (I made slight modifications - just made PB chocolate chip, without the cookie. So I doubled everything else).

Happy Pi Day! (P.S. Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein!)


  1. That pi/pie looks amazing and your blog posts are great!! They're all beautifully written by a talented young writer :) Also, if/when you write that book you were talking about, you should definitely put it on here!
    <3 Cap
    a.k.a. Owl

  2. ^
    I dislike this "anonymous" with a fire passion -_-
    But still, she had the right idea. The reviews are great and written by a wonderful individual. All those beautiful writings and such are great and the pi pie flows with epicosity. Keep it up :D

  3. HEYY ANNA BANANA WEARING PAJAMAS WHO LIKES PANDAS!!!!! tis is a really good blog and yes, i did comment on it but im not the first :( oh well..anyways, hows school?? Im sick and I lost my voice. Im getting A's up here but I got like B's in Fla haha lol.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    I miss you Anna!!! Amanda doesn't give me much goldfish :(
    Kay so I should probably get back to my hw before the dadster catches me not doing my hw..
    bye <3

    your goldfish stealer who moved to Boston

  4. Sounds like a cool book. Think I will have to pick it up!

  5. Hi Will! Yeah, this book is great, especially for introducing elementary school kids to the concept of π or area of a circle.

    ~Anna :)

  6. Love the pi design on top! Thanks for letting me now you tried my recipe!