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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hello, everyone! Long time no see :).  I'm kicking off summer with New York times best-selling author  Carl Hiaasen, whom I had the rare pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago at a local Barns and Noble. He was so nice! Nice enough, in fact, to sign multiple books of his for me, my sister (black tank), and my friend Julia (Teal T-shirt) :). But this week is for the first book of his I read - Flush. Initially I read flush for a summer reading assignment, but I ended up loving it and finishing in less than a week :).

Meet Noah Underwood, a  Florida Keys Native, and his younger sister, Abbey. Their dad, Paine Underwood, is quite the environmentalist - so protective of nature, in fact, that he was arrested for trying to stop the Coral Queen, a gambling boat, from dumping sewage into the ocean. Dusty Muleman, the stingy captain of the Coral Queen, refuses to pay for the sewage to be hauled away, so he dumps it in the ocean in the middle of the night. Not only is this bad for the fish, but its bad for the people; the sewage contaminates the water and sometimes washes up on shore lines like on Thunder Beach, getting people sick enough to be sent to the hospital.

Gross? Absolutely. Illegal? Most definitely. There's just one teensy problem - dispite their dad's constant attempts to alert the coast gaurd and other environmental health associations, no one has been able to catch Muleman in the act. With the help of Lice Peeking, a sleazy man willing to do practically anything for money, and Shelly, the burly blond bartender of the Coral Queen,  it's up to Noah and Abbey to catch this dirty scoundrel (no pun intended) and clear his father's name. This fun filled novel is entertaining and adventurous, which goes well along with our eco-friendly main characters! There are
a few twists and turns that I'm sure you won't mind either ;)

More book reviews headed your way (When I'm not fan-girling about Mark of Athena :P) ! Stay tuned!