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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games

Hello everyone, and Happy Hunger Games! :) Soon to be in theaters (I can hardly contain myself - going to the midnight showing of Hunger Games tonight!), this trilogy is truly captivating and really caught my attention. This trilogy is an awesome read, and getting so popular carry these books around is trending (best trend ever!).

From the ruins of North America rose the nation of Panem, that includes the capitol and 12 districts, each with a principal industry for the capitol's people. It originally had 13, but District 13 rebelled against the capitol, causing an all out war that in the end left 13 in ruins. The capitol was not only enraged, but grew worried that other districts would rebel and cause the nations downfall. As punishment, and to keep the nation in line, the capitol created the Hunger Games - a cruel show containing 24 children between the ages  of 12-18 in a fight to the death for the capitol's entertainment. The contestants? One girl and one boy randomly chosen from each district. Twelve-year-olds entered in once each, thirteen-year-olds entered twice each, fourteen-year-olds three times each and so on. But its not as random as it seems.  With the lower class starving to death, the capitol takes advantage and gives kids the option of applying for tesserae, one years worth of grain and oil for one person in exchange for entering their name an extra time to be selected for the Hunger Games.

Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, citizen of the Seam in coal-mining District 12,  has a tough life - with her father dead due to a coal mining accident, sister Primrose too young to work, and her mother too deep in depressive shock to even function like she used to, Katinss is responsible for supporting her family. Everyday she slips under the fence into the woods to hunt, and later sell, game, just like her father taught her. Katniss and Gale, her eighteen-year-old hunting partner and best friend, have been hunting together, trading at the Hob (12's black market), and helping support each other's families since Katniss was twelve.

But everything is about change. The reaping has arrived, and everyone is anxious to no end - what with people like Katniss, whose name is entered 20 times, and Gales' in 42, you can practically feel the tension. "Ladies first!" exclaims Effie Trinket, a capitol girl with ridiculous hair, a ridiculous accent, and ridiculous outlook on life, walking up to the bowl containing names of possible girl tributes. But the name she says into the microphone isn't Katniss. It's Primrose Everdeen. After unfreezing, Katniss automatically jumps in to take her place. Once you start, you won't be able to stop drinking up every word of these epic novels.

(SPOILER ALERT!) Many of my friends hated the ending of Mocking Jay, but I thought it was satisfying because Katniss finally finds purpose in her life. She's happy with having a family and kids that don't grow up in a world where they will always be afraid like she was. I was so upset when Prim died though! I mean, she was the only family member Katniss was truly sure she loved, and struggled to keep her alive through the trilogy only for her to die before the war was over. Anyway, I didn't find Mocking Jay bad. A little depressing at first, but well written and very engaging.

These three are phenomenal reads that I highly recommend for fans of futurism, books with survival themes, or adventure novels. Until next time, May the odds be ever in your favor...

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  1. The Hunger Games rocks! You're right, EVERYONE'S carrying them around now. . I had fun seeing the midnight premiere with you, peer leader!
    -Your Peer :)