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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Kane Chronicles

Happy Birthday, Sadie Kane! This week, I wanted to do The Kane Chronicles because today is Sadie Kane's Birthday :). This series is still being written (Book 3, The Serpents Shadow, is coming out on May 1st! I am so pumped!), but the two books that are out are great.

Before I begin, I must warn you - the following blog post contains SPOILER ALERTS for The Red Pyramid and Throne of Fire.

I read these books when I had strep throat a few weeks ago : /. I was sitting there all miserable and bored, thinking, What to do? Read of course! At first I was reluctant to pick up the Red Pyramid, thinking that it would be a rip off of the Percy Jackson books, another series by Rick Riordan. Boy, was I wrong! I ended up loving them. Although they incorporate egyptian mythology into the modern world, It took on a different angle than the Percy Jackson series.

Fourteen-year-old Carter Kane and twelve-year-old Sadie Kane are two siblings who never see each other. Their father, Julius, is a famous Egyptologist who travels the world with Carter and carries around a mysterious work bag Carter was told never to open.  Sadie lives in London with her Grandparents. They each have what the other wants - for Carter, a normal life. For Sadie, time with her dad. On Christmas eve, Sadie, Carter, and Julius all take a trip to the British Museum, where their dad wants to "set things right". While he tries to fix things, everything takes a turn for the worst.  Julius sneaks into another room with the Rosetta Stone, and his children watch him summon a mysterious figure. The Rosetta stone explodes, and their father is imprisoned in a coffin that sinks into the earth. They later learn that Julius had awakened 5 major egyptian gods - Horus, Isis, Osiris, Nephtys, and - worst of all- Set, god of chaos.  Set is cooking up a scheme that can't be good. Carter and Sadie take on the powers of their ancestors and learn to use ancient egyptian magic on a quest to save the world - and their father.
Riordan leaves you on the edge practically begging for more.

After the cliff hanger left behind from Red Pyramid, I couldn't put down the Throne of Fire. Although I did have a 102 degree fever... but I am rereading it so I make sure the fever didn't make me miss anything! Between the hunt to stop Apophis, Carters' search for Zia, and the conflict between Walt, Sadie, and Anubis - this novel is awesome, and my favorite so far!

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By the way, Happy St. Patty's Day! Stay tuned next week for the trilogy everyone's talking about (Soon to be a major motion picture, Hint Hint). 

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